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GWS - 250, GWS - 500  

High strength, corrosion resistant, zinc-coated, 7x19 Galvanized Aircraft cable 1/4“, 5/16“ or 3/8“ diameter. It is a flexible and inexpensive cable used on winches, guy lines and numerous other commercial, industrial and marine applications.
Working load 7400 lbs.


Wire rope clip, galvanized, drop forged finish, material steel. Function – To secure the end of the wire rope when turning back to form a loop. Malleable and drop-forged wire rope clips. Sizes available. 1/4” 3/8”.

TS-Tarp Straps        

Molded rubber tie downs with quick grip hooks. The economical alternative to polyurethane tie downs and tarp straps. Made of the highest grade weather-resistant black EPDM and are molded and extruded using only virgin material that will out perform similar products. Straps stretch one and
one-half times their original length and are imprinted with safety instructions. They are ideal for the light to medium duty use.
TS-10 10”, TS-15 15”, TS-21 21”,
TS-31 31”, TS-41 41”.

Our unique formulation risists:

  • Cracks and abrasions
  • Steam
  • U.V. Degradation
  • Oxidation
  • Extremes of heat and cold
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High strength, GWS corrosion resistant, zinc-coated, 7x19 Galvanized Aircraft cable
Wire rope clip GSWC
Aircraft cable GWS GSWC
TB Turn Buckle
TS-10 Tarp Straps
TB Turn Buckle TS-Tarp Straps
  TB Turnbuckle               

Body, function provides for tensioning and loosening chain and wire rope. An eye and hook, eye and eye design Hot Galvanized – drop forged, many sizes available.


Cable tie, standard, color – natural or
black, material of costruction nylon.
Available in 8” and 11”
Package quantity 100.

Cable tie
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