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An Ever Growing Nationwide Customer Base Since 1949


The geographical area served went from exclusively New York City to a network of salespeople and sales reps strategically located nationally covering all of U.S.A. The customer base expanded to more than 10,000 customers with a very high reputation, including the largest companies in USA as accounts.With the expanded and diverse inventory, many additional markets could be served to the wholesale distributor.

To name a few:
  • Construction Suppliers
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing
  • Haz-mat handling
  • Buying Groups
  • Environmental cleanup
  • Paint & Sundries Distributors
  • Metal processing
  • Mass Merchandisers

Hygrade’s Constant Expansion of Quality Products

  The product line at Hygrade expanded to a stock of 1,500 items including many well established nationally known name brands.
Cofit Logo our own import line
consisting of the following items:
  • Leather, cotton & rubber work gloves for all industrial uses
  • Many styles of industrial rainwear to suit all markets and budgets
  • Rubber footwear for the industrial, farming & construction industries
  • Tarpaulin Polyethylene
  • Disposable gloves and aprons
  • Safety fencing polyethylene and silt fence
  • Head protection
  • Body support
  • Wiping rags
  • Eye protection
  • Dust masks -
  • Head covers - hair nets & beard covers
  • Coveralls for many uses
  • Debris Netting for protection
  • Hardware products
  • Traffic control
  • Tape - caution & danger
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