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Lightweight, sub-pelvic full-body harnesses made of 13⁄4" wide resin-treated polyester webbing. The two-color design makes the harnesses easy to put on. Sliding back D-ring, parachute buckles on leg straps, universal sizing.

VF500 ROPE GRAB         

Small, lightweight rope-grabbing devices ride a vertical lifeline and automatically lock in place if a fall occurs. The Automatic rope grab follows a worker up and down a 5⁄8" diameter vertical synthetic rope lifeline. The unit's controlled, shock-absorbing action eliminates the need for an energy absorber lanyard. The patented design allows the rope grab to be attached, detached, and positioned at any point on the vertical lifeline. Weighs 11⁄2 lbs. and is made of stainless steel. New York approval #9502.

BS-100 ECONOMY    

The economy industrial back support has a duo tension system for maximum abdominal support and four flexible stays for greater stabilization. It also features a back panel constructed of breathable spandex material and four rubber-stitched gripper strips to keep support from riding up and rolling. It has an 8" high back tapered in front to 4" and adjustable 11⁄4" elastic suspenders. Company logo silks creened on belt and custom sizing are both available upon request.

BODY SUPPORT, body harness 932
932 Body Harness BS100 Industrial Back Support
rope grab VF500
hand support 9450
VF500 Rope Grab 9450 Hand Support
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