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  Restoration, Regency Inc. Restoration, Regency Inc.
  • Restore your old Silverware and Copperware back to its new condition. Let Regency take those old items from the basement and restore them back into service. With over 50 years of experience, we can accomplish this process effectively.

  • We have an extensive parts inventory to replace most manufacturers products.

  • Replating will be the heaviest hotel silver plate and will go through our strictest quality control.

  • Any repair job over $3,000.00 Regency will absorb the freight charges back to your destination. The customer will be responsible for packaging and shipping to our New York facility.
  • Our tinsmith's are experienced professionals that have been with Regency for years. They hammer out dents and use minimal grinding so the metal retains its strength.

  • Estimates are available with no obligation. Freight to be paid by the customer.

  • Repair programs are available.

  • Our customer service team is trained in the repair department so that it is as easy as buying a new product.

  • Ask for our restoration catalog which illustrates some of our products and pricing.

  • Items beyond repair can be returned or discarded at no service charge.
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